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Friday, October 1, 2010

LTNC (Long Time No C!)

Now, time to get back to work!!! Reviews will be popping out (on old games + online games + imfamous but fun games)

Seeya then!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Exams... zzz (n more stuff!)

Exams are coming up very soon.. damm scared... cauz didn't really read much... But still got get ready la! Hope I would not fail any exams......

By the way, as I said in my last post, I went to the PC fair..... quite fun after all! Everything is cheap and I could buy a External Hard drive 320 gb for juz RM175! Damm cheap lor! And here is a tip for those who are going for the next PC fair in August..... Dun buy stuff upstairs... go downstairs and u could shop for super gud price....(But still worth going up since upstairs got all those very cool stuff...

PC Fair Plan..... (random pix)

My External Hard Drive (320GB) (RM175)

Friend's External Hard Drive (1TB) (RM319) (Latest Model thim!)

A Random pic in the KLCC tunnel...

Actually, I also have a vid about the train ride in the tunnel... but lazy 2 upload la! So no choice... wait see la... if internet speed fast then lucky.....

By the way, I went mad recently thanks to one thing called CS 1.6 zombie plague... damm crazy! It starts with one person being the zombie and everyone kill the zombie..... But the zombie could infect those humans and get into a killing spree! But somehow some zombies are smart.... Hide in small tunnel every human come and throw infection bomb.... so a lot ppl kena infected so easy 2 kill.... haha! by the way, screenshot!

When a nuclear bomb was placed since nobody if each side wins... (lol)

Using Leap to jump...

U should noe...
Me "screaming!"
Hiding.... hehe!

Fine then lazy 2 talk much and get 2 the readin for exams.... Haiz....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

PC Fair!! Yeepie!

Yay!!! get to go 2 PC Fair this time....... So happy.....

My skul computer club is having an activity that everyone in the com club got to go 2 KLCC for the PC fair....... And one more thing is I am going to miss skul+ concert training!!! (hehe!) I juz can't stand it!!!
I just can't wait for tommorrow to go on!!! Juz can't stand it! Thinking of sharing Norton Antivirus 2010 with Samee (friend) for the 3 licence one... (Going to do a review on it later..) Maybe I would also not buy Norton as people says its a spamming anti-virus.... (lol)

Besides, I am also going to buy n external hard drive..... An Western Digital one..... (320GB hard drive...) For RM199!!! Its damm freaking cheap! (Ray bought it for RM300...) its a 2.5 inch one..... It would sure clear my pocket with those money :(

But who cares! your got to sacrifice to be a com geek... haha!!! Gotta sign out now... Using the skul com to blogging..... haha!! skuls over now.... gotta go for IU (International Understanding) day..... I will explain it later......


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lotz of stuffz!

Wow! Online on 1 am with tuition class tommorrow and homework not done yet! (OMG!) But addicted to the com dealing with something special..... Getting my 1st Youtube vid on... (which is now good and running.....

Its a teaser of a CS 1.6 server (I noe you would say me not being "in" agian...) and it was one of the server that I written about at the post before the last post... here is the vid for you to have a look..... hehe!

I put it small so that smaller coms (and also old netbooks) get to look at it... but if you still can't see it, here is the link:


Besides, I am also finished downloading the Sudden Attack client.... (thats right! I am in SA!) But wait.... the update is taking soooooooo long! can't wait! too bad.... haiz... It just crawl like hell and after half an hour, still crawling and maybe sleeping now!!! WTH!

See the red thingy? its crawling still!!!! Maybe continue tommorrow while doing my maths work..

Sunday need to get my UPSR money.. So happy! cause got to meet my best cool friends agian... But the prob is who is going to take me back??? My family is going to Jasin (Melaka if u dunno where is it...) for Ching Ming..... Should I "Tumpang" my friend to his house for ultimate fun or follow my family and respect my ancessters??? (Most of u would think about the 1st choice.... haha!)

Gotta sleep now... Tired and need to wake up early to get my work done fast and continue with the SA update....


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UPdates of Everything!

Guns planned to be given after a customer buys a hummer... (WTH!)

Wow... the words that I said just now was real..... In US, they are having a mad promo that if you buy a Hummer, you will get a free shotgun! Believe it or not? they are mad! Click here to get more info about it!

Next, its about F1 agian.... The curse for FIA is back with more trouble..... The new rule saying that no refueling has cause lack of overtaking chances for everyone! That might be true! Thats why I almost slept half way thru the race... (luckily there was a backup... The All-England..) It was so bad that even Alonso (Ok.. everyone who is a mad fan of F1) Just hope there would be another board of directors that could think twice before doing such stupid action..

And for Lotus performance, it was not as bad as I expected but It is still bad.... They need something more powerful, more sustainable, and more carbon fiber+ downforce! most likey they are lack of downforce cause Jarno reported some bad oversteering..... Which i would tought Jarno will get into a crash.... But he end up finishing last with 3 laps from leader Alonso.....

Lotus car passing by...

Just can't wait for Lotus new aerodynamic patch for their car to go another extra mile which will arrived only when the European season starts (At Spain...) And during that time, it has passed Sepang..... Just hope Lotus could at lease get a point unexpectabally...... hehe!

And here are some of the pictures that I forgot to put in till now..... Theme name: Firecracker Art..... Taken with my Olympus µ Digital 600 camera.... During CNY period as my cousins are playin with them...

Thats all for today.... (I know the pics are a bit messy... but I tried my best.....) And More pics coming out! (Pics are not finished yet...)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to BIZness!

Its like half-a month since my last post and people might be thinking that I am missing from the action! But actually I am not! I was just getting ready for my exam and I have no time to blog! Hope you would take my apology.. hehe

Now, lets see what happened during the time that I was not here... Hmm... Ah! A few weeks ago, I tried a new version of Counter Strike 1.6! It is 1.6 reloaded! A damm cool game that also allows you to play online with cool sound editing and others!!!! It is more fun than playing the Condition Zero and its size is damm small! 600 MB! And one of the servers I like is this! the deathmatch server! It has lots of AWP maps and damm cool custom maps!

There is another server that I also like it.... It is a singapore server.. It has nade wars and knive wars! that is what make it intresting! There are also some pro players that is cool in spawning people..... If you stay very late, there is no worries... as there are always people there to invite you in..... They mostly play de_dust2... but sometimes they would play some custom maps like de_dustoo and de_sunny..... so, better get ready those maps if you wanna play......

The best map that I love it the aAa_aim.... it is a very cool map that could test your accuracy in medium distance as you can't go past the half way line as there is lava that could kill you instantly! Besides that, I also love the de_dustoo which did some minor modifications on the original map of de_dust2...... It is a very cool map after all as the B site is changed to the one near to the T starting point......

aAa_aim map view

Ok.... Now to another topic. F1!!!!! Finally after a looooonnnnggggg time waiting, finally get to see those people in action agian! This time its like there is going to be real action! Cause Michael Shemacher is back for biz! With the Brawns transforming into Mercedes Benz and Malaysians bringing back the tasty Lotus (remembering me about the olden times of F1.. hehe)

Its sometimes nice to see lots of new faces like the 1st Russian taking the seat for Renault and Senna's cousin Bruno taking the seat for Hispana. Not only that, The famous airliner tycoon Sir Richard Branson has gone into the F1 biz with his 1st challenge on! He will be "vsing" with one of his best friend Tony who is part of the Lotus Racing on which team is faster..... (You should know that Branson's car is made by computer graphics so the performance is not very good...) And the winner... (The intresting part) is going to get a new member! and its the loser being the air hostess for their airliner! It would be good to see Branson in a nice air hostess shirt like this:

Ok... that enuff of what I wanna say.... I will catch up more new stuff for your info in the weeks.... Don't worry..... Have fun listening to the rock song I have got ready... A wonderful song from Paramore! XD


Sunday, February 21, 2010

50th post.....

Yeah.. the 50th post of my blog.... And its damm boring now cause CNY is over and school starts tommorrow!!! (Argh!) Gotta finish all my homework before tommorrow starts.... zzz

Talking about CNY, I have lots of photos to post into.... and internet is damm slow this week... With my computer time limited to 1 and a half hour cause of exam.... Maybe even 1 hour! (Not enought time to upload all the photos!) So, expect delays for uploading as the blogger upload photos thingy is doing its work slowly and I am allowed to only upload 1 photo at a time.. (haiz!)

The day before yesterday, I went to Sri Petaling's Sri Eadah (the Carrefour) to go roller skating! It was a fun day even I skated slower than my friends in the rink and fall down lots of times.. (Expecially during the starting... hehe) Had three hours of roller skating and we went to a stop.... When when I am going to sleep I was feeling my head was still going the Roller way... (very dizzy..)

Currently using my friends com as I went to her house to do Sejarah Project.... Better don't use it too long..... Everything would be updated very soon.. don't worry...